1000g/Ball Cotton Chunky Yarn DIY Arm Knitting Chunky Yarn Blanket Pets Washable 60m

  • $38.00
  • Save $10

A thick cord yarn made from a seamless cotton casing covering a microfiber core. This yarn is easy to clean in the washing machine making it useful for making pet beds, rugs and other DIY crafts that will get a lot of use. Approximately 1 inch in diameter and 60 yards in one ball. 

Colors choices are 1- blue, 2- pink, 3 - light gray, 4- dark gray, 5- peach, 6- light green, 7- brown, 8- red, 9- cream

Type: Cotton Blended Yarn
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Style: Hand Knitting
Material: 100% Cotton outer / Polyester core

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