DIY Floral Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Diamond Mosaic Embroidery Kit | 8x10"in, 6 Choices

  • $12.00

Diamond mosaic embroidery is a combination of mosaics and cross stitch design. Tiny resin diamond shaped mosaic pieces are applied to a canvas that has a printed cross stitch design with colors identified by symbols. The result is a vibrant, textured work of art that can be framed. Diamond mosaic is for artists that love precision. 

Material: Resin
Pattern Type: Floral
Diamond Shape: Square
Form: Three-dimensional
Frame: No
Number of Colors: 1-30
Diamond Size: 2.5x2.5mm
Fabric Type: Canvas
Tool: Tweezers,Tray,Pen,Two Glue
Kit includes: H&D canvas,30% extra diamonds, tools
picture size: 25x20cm (8x10in)

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