About Us

Welcome to Frugal Frau!

Being frugal is characterized by economy in the use of resources. Not only monetary resources, but supply resources as well. Our favorite items are practical and plain, and favoring utility. 

We spent may years frustrated in our search for practical, quality items that were affordable.

We scoured flea markets and estate sales for items that were made with quality materials because we knew that if we went to the local mall, we would not find the quality we were looking for.

We would spend hours looking for an item we had in mind, only to find the perfect product with an outrageous price tag.

We would search for practical, modern designs that were beautiful in there simplicity, only to find big, bold and bling. 

Our mission is to source quality items and offer them to you at affordable prices. If there is something practical you are searching for but cannot find, please ask us and we will be happy to join in the search. Email us at frugalfraullc@aol.com. 

Enjoy your search, we hope you find something practical to beautify your world.